Bros Before Rose: Men Who Watch The Bachelor

Welcome to 2017, where men can watch The Bachelor proudly and without fear of shame or ridicule! Matt Barnes and Jeff Bachman (Nerdy Pop) are two dudes who have long been fans of The Bachelor and refuse to hide it any longer! Join them as they recap each episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise and answer the most important questions on all of our minds!
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Bros Before Rose: Men Who Watch The Bachelor

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Jul 11, 2017

Recap of The Bachelorette (Season 13, Episode Seven)


Jeff is back!!! (Woo hoo!) But Shara is gone! (RIP) The Bros (plus Stacy) soldier on through this episode of craziness and seek answers to questions like...

- Is a broken fire hydrant a main attraction in Geneva, Switzerland?

- Do the producers of The Bachelorette not know how to properly mount a GoPro after all this time?

- Does Brian really want to consume all of Rachel?

- Why can't contestants on this show ever do simple math?

- Has Dean been dumb this whole time and we just missed it?

- If Rachel has to choose between keeping Eric, Matt and Adam... does it really matter?

- How does Adam think he has a shot at this? (Seriously.)

- Why can't any of us possibly care about any of the words coming out of Adam's mouth?

All this and oh so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose! 

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