Bros Before Rose: Men Who Watch The Bachelor

Welcome to 2017, where men can watch The Bachelor proudly and without fear of shame or ridicule! Matt Barnes and Jeff Bachman (Nerdy Pop) are two dudes who have long been fans of The Bachelor and refuse to hide it any longer! Join them as they recap each episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise and answer the most important questions on all of our minds!
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Bros Before Rose: Men Who Watch The Bachelor

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Mar 14, 2017

Recap of The Bachelor (Season 21, Episode Twelve)

 This is it! The big season finale of The Bachelor! Did Nick find love? Did he choose Raven or Vanessa? And is that person the winner or the loser? The Bros got together with 30 or 40 of their closest friends (including several winners from our social media contests!) for a Final Rose Viewing Party and found answers to these questions (and more!):

- Has Nick been on The Bachelor before? (It wasn't clear.)

- Why does Vanessa always seem like she's just figuring out how this show works?

- Does Nick have an elvish heritage?

- What happens when everyone in Finland starts crying at the same time?

- Is that what made Santa Claus show up?

- When did The Bachelor potentially "jump the shark?"

- Do Nick and Neil Lane hang out in the free time now that they're clearly BFFs?

- Does Raven take a stiletto to Nick's face?

- Did the surprise start to Rachel's season of The Bachelorette already ruin it?

Plus, our thoughts on Nick's final choice and an announcement about whether or not we'll be back next season! (HINT: We will!)

All this and oh so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose!

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